my b-earth day wish

Want to help me save this turtle?

Six years ago (has it been six years?!) I had the amazing, wonderful, unforgettable opportunity to travel to the country of Brazil.  It is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people.  I will always cherish my experiences there and be thankful for them.  One of the places we went to is the little island of Fernando Do Noronha off the northern coast of Brazil.  This is a breathtakingly beautiful place.  There, we were fortunate to witness the release of a sea turtle nest.  On the island they patrol for adult sea turtles who lay their eggs at night and then mark where their eggs were left.  A mother sea turtle can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.  For the entire gestation of the eggs the island monitors the nests and protects them from potential predators.  When it comes time for a nest to hatch they invite the visitors of the island to come and witness the little turtles scramble for the sea.  This practice also helps to protect the turtles from predators since they are so small and susceptible to attacks from birds, lizards, and crabs.  When they get to the water a whole new set of obstacles presents itself to the turtles, like fish, and humans.  Needless to say, three of the seven existing species of marine turtles are endangered.

OK, so what does this have to do with my birthday and Earth Day?  Well first of all they both happen to fall on the same day, April 22nd.  I was trying to think of what I really wanted for my birthday as well as for Earth Day and I decided that what I wanted to do was adopt a sea turtle from the World Wildlife Fund and I want your help! This is how you are involved, for the first 50 comments I receive on  April 22nd on my blog or on my Debi Parker Photography Facebook page I will donate 5 dollars to WWF.  Sorry, multiple comments from the same person don’t count.  So, if you’d like to be involved, leave a comment, or tell someone you know to leave a comment.  Comments can be anything from commenting on any of my photos, posts, ideas, experiences, or anything!  Birthday wishes are nice too, but I would really like to get some comments about my work.  I’ll even count reviews from previous clients of mine (click on the tab to the left).  Hopefully they will all be nice comments and reviews.  :)

Happy B-Earth Day to me!

Tracy Timmester -

This is such a wonderful idea, Debi! I’m so happy that I’ve met you because you are such a talented and sweet person! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sean Keating -

Debi, the Earth and I are both lucky to have you!

Michael Steinberg -

Hippy pappy bthuddiduh bthudiday, or however it was that Owl spelled it in “Winnie the Pooh.” Loret & I miss you and your wonderful family and we send happy greetings and hopes of seeing you soon. May you have a wonderful year with all the pleasures and adventures of a full rich 365 days, and many more to come!


Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!
Does this mean i get a picture of the turtle to hang on my fridge :-)
Have a Blessed day & good luck on your efforts!!!!

Eli E. -

What a great idea — happy b- and e- day!

alissa wilson williams -

happy b-earthday debi! i hope you get your turtle!

Kristi -

Happy Birthday! You are awesome and baby turtles are awesome!

astrid -

happy bearthday!!! this is a wonderful thing you are doing!

Kelsey Thompson -

I LOVE this idea! Happy birthday, girl! I was looking through your blog and I love that last wedding that you did…gorgeous!

Cat -

You amaze me. Your photography continues to grow and evolve as you do. I look at your site quite often and it is always exciting to see not only your beautiful images, but the fun weddings and the wild couples you get to shoot. I think that your clients are a reflection of your personality and I am so proud that you maintained what it is that keeps you real and true to yourself.

P.S. – I want you to adopt a turtle!! Happy Birthday : )

Michelle Lindsay -

Happy happy birthday!!!! Such a wonderful idea this is and so gracious of you. I hope you enjoy your birthday, take some much deserved time off to spend with your family, and overall just have a fabulous day!

Marcel Ray -

Happy B-Earth Day, Debi! I’m a very proud follower of your blog and photography. Wishing you all the best, dear friend.

Lori Keating -

Your photographs are just wonderful. You have a gift for bringing out the beauty of simple things.

Angie -

Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing it with the turtles!! Angie

Lindsay -

Happy b-earth day! I wish you all the best. I think your b-earth day wish is fabulous and I’m sure the turtles will agree!

Paul -

Happy birth/earth day! And many happy returns. I like the turtle idea too. Cheers!

Marlene -

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Debi! You are so talented, you are able to capture the love, beauty, and happiness of each wedding that you photograph.