glamour magazine & the washington post

Quick!  Run out to your local newsstand and pick up the December issue of Glamour Magazine.  Then turn to page 181.  Tada!  There we are!

Oh, and then turn to page 186.  There we are again!

Pretty awesome, huh?

Now, I have to admit, I’m not a Glamour Magazine kind of girl, but I sure do love that they chose to publish two of my photos!  (Thanks Brian!)  The first photo comes to you courtesy of Beth & Dave’s bridal portraits at Glen Echo.  The second photo is a lovely ring shot done for Kevin & Trina that you can also view here.

And if that weren’t enough, KP & Trueblood were in The Washington Post this past Sunday!  (This scan is kinda yucky so you can view it better here.)  Please leave a comment here or at The Wasington Post’s write up about KP & Trueblood if you feel so inclined!

Kristi Odom -

So cool! Yayy!!!

Jenna @ Little Bit Heart -

That is awesome! Congratulations :)

Sean -

You are kind of a big deal! Great job!

Lindsay Curtin -

Congrats! I can’t say that I’m surprised! You’re the BeSt!

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