introducing piper josehpine

She’s here!  Piper Josephine arrived January 23rd at 5:52 AM weighing in at 8 lbs, 5 oz, 21 1/4 inches long and with more hair than I’ve ever seen on an newborn.  Here she is in all her glory at 2 weeks old.  I did these photos one sunny afternoon in her big brother’s room.  When you’re sleepy and really just don’t care, you dress your newborn girl in a blue onesie and then grab her brother’s blue blanket to keep her warm while taking photos, and then everyone thinks she’s a he.  I really just wanted to document all her little parts that I adore and will want to remember forever.  Her little feet and unfathomably small toes.  I can’t even imagine how small the bones are in her little pinky toe.  Her adorable startle reflex.  Those big beautiful eyes.  Her hair!  The dimples on her tiny hands.  Her “WTF, I’m cold Mom!” cry.  Her gorgeous eye lashes…  I know I’m biased, but I think she is unbelievably beautiful.

Kristine Bauer Sharar -

Love her!

Tara Schwartz -

She is beautiful! Your sister is truly an artist-those pictures are amazing! I wish I had done the close ups of their little eyelashes, fingers & toes when my guys were that size!

Susanna Joy -

These are just gorgeous, Debi Parker Keating. What an angel she is!

Tracy Timmester -

Wow, what a cutie! Congratulations, Debi!

Naancy Pigno -

I’m not biased. She IS unbelievably beautiful!

Kristine Bauer Sharar -

Thanks, Tara! She is brilliant :)

Mhari Scott -

Oh, I love her!