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tallin, estonia

The photo above is of a painting of Tallin, Estonia circa 1800-ish.  The cool thing is that it looks almost exactly the same today except for the clipper ships.  When in Helsinki we took a trip across the Gulf of Finland to Tallin and was blown away by the beauty and uniqueness of this place.  […]

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finnish estonian american car show!

While in Helsinki, my husband and I stumbled upon a car show.  Not just any car show.  An American car show!  Can you imagine the delight of a couple of Americans?  Well, I was probably more excited than Sean was.  It was just so interesting to see the Finnish take on American car culture.  Many […]

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nuuksio | finland

Nuuksio!  I just love to say the word.  We don’t have many words in English that have two u’s in a row.  The only one I can think of vacuum and that is definitely not as much fun to say as Nuuksio! Nuuksio is a national park in Finland.  Alexis, the bride who’s wedding I […]

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